Fundraiser for Gov. Dunleavy brings over 60 to hip, cool, classically Alaskan outdoor event on the Kenai River

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September 27, 2021

More than 60 people attended the Soldotna campaign kickoff event for Gov. Mike Dunleavy at a residence on the Kenai River on Monday. As the sun set on the 40-degree evening, people stayed for over two hours to enjoy the company of others and to support the governor, who faces reelection next year.

Spotted in the crowd were Rep. Ron Gillham, Jim Udelhoven, John Hendrix, Cameron Hunt, Casey Sullivan, Assemblymen Richard Derkevorkian and Bill Elam, Marilyn Hueper, Britny and Jared Bradshaw, well known senior advocate Nona Safra and Fred Agree, Charlene Tautfest, Mark and Cindy Glassmaker, Richard and Kristi Acuff, former School Board member Marty Anderson, Soldotna City Council candidate Micha Shields, Mark and Sandi Larson, Tuckerman and Kristie Babcock, and a few commissioners.

The Kenai Peninsula Republican Women’s Club sponsored the event.

Kenai Peninsula Republican Women’s Club with Gov. Mike Dunleavy.

Kenai Peninsula Republican Women Vice President Cindy Glassmaker introduced Gov. Dunleavy and told him, “We are behind you 100 percent – even though there may be things you’ve done we don’t agree with – we still are 100 percent supportive of you and your reelection.”

Dunleavy and the crowd laughed at the remark, and when he took the mic, Dunleavy was interrupted by applause several times – especially when he talked about repealing Senate Bill 91.

His speech was upbeat and all about opportunity and the future. He acknowledged the trials of earthquakes, fires and pandemics but focused on the future and the tremendous opportunity in Alaska. He remarked that we all love the beauty of Alaska but we stay for the people, which is why he is running again – because of the people.

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